Leap Motion

落鹤生:Leap Motion被称之为本年度最值得期待的体感交互设备。我之前做过一些基于摄像头传感器的东西,我怀疑这个东西会不会也非常容易因一些普通的干扰而出现误判,如:转动笔记本的屏幕,或者因无意识、无目的的随便挥动导致被画/写进去一些错误的内容???好吧,等它上市了我们再来看看。以下是其官方介绍: Leap Motion, the motion-control software and hardware company changing the future of human/computer interaction, today announced the Leap Motion™ Controller will begin shipping to consumers on May 13; shipping will be prioritized by pre-order date. It will launch exclusively in the U.S. at Best Buy stores on May […]

Leap Motion Controller Set To Ship May 13 for Global ...