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Download, build and install CD to build directory (home) [crayon-5998d98973a6c809371841/][/crayon] Download & unpack latest nginx-rtmp (you can also use http) [crayon-5998d98973a94213659337/][/crayon] Download & unpack nginx (you can also use svn) [crayon-5998d98973aa3327239510/][/crayon] Build nginx with nginx-rtmp [crayon-5998d98973ab1617991644/][/crayon] For nginx 1.3.4-1.5.0 more options are needed [crayon-5998d98973abf811506300/][/crayon] Set up live streaming To set […]

Getting started with nginx rtmp

This thread is direct forward from Microsoft MSDN website: http://technet.microsoft.com/zh-cn/aa965245 Easlier in this month, I was researching hardware video encoding/decoding supports for Linux base environments, which involves Intel Media SDK & VA-API(libva). Happen to see this DXVA related post in MSDN, so I decided to copy it to my blog. […]

Supporting DXVA 2.0 in DirectShow