Performance tests of Intel Media SDK (4.0.024-HSW) – Multithread decode

Performance test – multithread decode

Media SDK version

Intel Media SDK (4.0.024-HSW)

Test environments

CPU: Core ivy bridge i7-3770

OS: Ubuntu server 12.04 LTS, kernel version 3.2.0-23 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Test program

kdvcodec_msdkdec_mt (svn: 10)

Working mode

a. Decode with simulated block mode

b. Return with NV12 buffer.

c. Run N decoding threads. Open & caching H.264 Elementary Streams from one specified file.

d. Timing: start before thread created, end time after all thread terminated(Means it’s a ballpark estimation). Continue reading “Performance tests of Intel Media SDK (4.0.024-HSW) – Multithread decode”