Why my VC2010’s Resource View and Class View are both blank?

I changed the vcxproj file location for one of the projects in the solution,  and re-added this project to the solution.

The project compiled fine and worked.

However recently, I went to the Resource View to edit some dialogs and the window is completely empty. I can’t remember if I went there since I changed the location of the project or not:


After Googled this issue, I found two solutions for it:

Solution 1: Disable Database

It might be because your Browsing/Navigation Database is disabled.

Check the current setting under: Tools -> Options -> Text Editor -> C++ -> Advanced. “Disable Database” should be false.

This is a bug as far as I know, and they said they are working on the problem.

More Info: http://connect.microsoft.com/VisualStudio/feedback/details/535971/solution-resource-view-empty-when-option-disable-database-c-is-set-to-true

It doesn’t work for me.

Solution 2: Unload & reload all the projects

I had similar problem that I solved with reloading projects in the solution (unload projects and then reload all projects).

Simple, but just worked as expected.

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