First week in the new company

Phase 1:  Learn & master the existing MediaSDK & the sample programs.

1. Add audio output device enumlation and selection option for playertester
2. Add audio input device enumlation and selection option for castertester
3. Add Mute setting for castertester
4. Add Microphone boost option for castertester.
5. UI adjustment for castertester to be more easier to be understand the working flow.
Osp command: kdvmedianethelp
Phase 2: WebRTC audio engine : audio device module & audio processing module research

Current status:
1. AGC settings and proccessing should be working now.
2. Microphone volume control still not undering coding.

How does AGC works?
Step 1: Audio capture(
bool AudioDeviceWindowsWave::ThreadProcess()
Step 2: put into AudioBuffer and NewMicLevel()
WebRtc_Word32 AudioDeviceWindowsWave::RecProc(LONGLONG& consumedTime)
Step 3: Do audio processing/encoding/transmit tasks….
This is the key!!!
Step 4: Set new microphone volume thru _mixerManager(AudioMixerManager).

Issues encounterred with
There are lot’s of differences between the Kdv audio modules and the WebRTC audio modules(audio device module and

maybe some others)

About microphone volume control(not relevant, curious only):
1. Client side audio mixing?
2. AGC may bring with side-effects with audio signal(audience only)?


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