A story of re-installing WebRTC developing environment 1

Before the story, I’d like to say Happy Chinese New Year to you all, and wish you a great year of 2015.
It was about compiling latest source code of WebRTC (NOT A TECH TIP). Here we go.

Story began

Got a copy of latest version of WebRTC’s source code from a colleague before the Chinese New Year, so I planned myself to setup an environment for compiling and programming for the latest source code of WebRTC during the long vacation.
It has been almost one and a half year since the last research into WebRTC.

Story procedures

Tried to visit the official website of WebRTC(http://www.webrtc.org), but failed to access due to the f**ked GFW.

According to the description from my colleague who gave me the copy of the source code, it recommends x64 OS + VS2013, hence it’s big change for me, because my current working environment is Win7 x86 + VS2008.
To enhance my decision of going back to WebRTC research, I bought myself an 8G slice ram for my notebook(A perfect excuse of upgrading the hardware, XDXD).

I started it from re-installing my OS.
x64? OK, let’s go. Cost me two days to get a Win7 x64, and almost one day to backup my files/accounts, and two more days to download, install, restore my previous working environment(Windows service packs+VS2008+VS2010+CUDA+eclipse+NDK+DX+SVN, and a bunch of other tools/utilities, but not Visual Studio 2013).

Story ended in Visual Studio 2013.

What I must say is Microsoft goes bad, the size of Visual Studio 2013 is big to almost 7 GB, what the hell it is…

Even more, when I finally downloaded it, and trying install it on my new Win7 x64 OS, it told me: This version of Visual Studio requires a computer with a newer version of WindowsThis version of Visual Studio requires a computer with a newer version of WindowsWTF.


It was a story of total failure, but look on the bright sight, I got rid of my sucked hateful Win7 x86 working environment eventually, with the newly installed Win7 x64 + 12GB ram, I have a fresh new speedy working environment now. Hurray.

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One thought on “A story of re-installing WebRTC developing environment

  • Jacky Wei Post author

    After back to Shanghai, got my VPN worked, and visited http://www.webrtc.org. Here is what Google telling us in the latest version of Build Instructions (Windows)

    Setting up Windows

    You must set your Windows system locale to English, or else you may get build errors about “The file contains a character that cannot be represented in the current code page.”

    Setting up the environment for Visual Studio 2013
    You must build with Visual Studio 2013 Update 4, no other versions are supported.

    You must have Windows 7 x64 or later. x86 OSs are unsupported.

    Source: http://www.chromium.org/developers/how-tos/build-instructions-windows

    So the question is why I can not install VS2013 on my Win7 x64???