Job Offers

Vacancy: software developer – protocol
Responsible for video conference protocol develop for KEDACOM video conference products.
Contact me if you meet any three of the following requirements:
(1) Passionate about programming, love coding inside-out;
(2) Proficient in C / C ++, familiar with network programming;
(3) Solid knowledge in H.323 and(or) SIP protocol, and some related protocols, such as SDP, RTP/RTCP etc.
(4) Familiar with video codec and codec capability related calculation and negotiation, background with video conference, digital surveillance, or streaming media would be a big plus.
(5) Good coding style(per your own opinion), and multi-layer software framework experience.
(6) 2+ years of software developing experience is required.
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职位: 软件开发工程师 – 通信协议开发工程师
(1) 对Coding有一种莫名的、无法抑制的热爱!
(2) 精通C/C++,熟悉网络编程;
(3) 熟悉H.323或者(和)SIP协议,以及其周边的一些协议,如: SDP, RTP/RTCP等等;
(4) 了解音视频编解码技术,了解各种视频编码的能力计算,有视频会议、视频监控、流媒体相关开发经验更佳;
(5) 具有良好的编程风格,有多层架构的开发经验和严谨的编程作风;
(6) 2年以上相关工作经验。